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Jughead as Captain Hero Comic Book Back Issue - Jughead as Captain Hero # 5


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Jughead as Captain Hero comic book back issue comicbook back copy

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Jughead as Captain Hero # 5 Comic Book

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Jughead Jones as Captain Hero. He has gained a caped costume and more muscular physique, but retaining his crown-shaped cap. Captain Hero appears when Jughead recites the magic incantation (similar to Green Lantern's oath):

Teeny weeny magic beanie pointing towards the sky; give me muscle, power, strength - form a super guy!

Captain Hero often seems to possess just the right powers for the problem at hand. These were never completely defined, but he maintained certain "stock" superhuman powers, such as flight, enhanced strength and resistance to injury. Early on, Captain Hero was often the most serious and competent of the Super Teens, and the others would defer to his leadership, in contrast to Jughead's perceived status as Archie's sidekick and a generally lazy individual.


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