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Amazing Scarlet Spider # 1
Amazing Scarlet Spider A1 Comix Comic Book Database
Amazing Scarlet Spider # 2
Amazing Scarlet Spider A1 Comix Comic Book Database
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Comic book cover browser The Amazing Scarlet Spider is the name of a short-lived comic book series starring the Scarlet Spider. It was published by Marvel Comics for two issues, from November 1995 to December 1995. The book was a direct continuation, in terms of creative teams and storylines, of the series The Amazing Spider-Man which the title temporarily replaced for two months between issues 406 and 407.

It was one of four briefly published books which featured the character. The others were The Spectacular Scarlet Spider, Scarlet Spider, and Web of Scarlet Spider.

The series began when Peter Parker gave up being Spider-Man to retire with his pregnant wife, and the Scarlet Spider took on his duties. The title returned to its old name and numbering when Ben Reilly took on the Spider-Man name.

The writer of the two issues was Tom DeFalco and the penciller was Mark Bagley.

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